Consent 101: How to Teach Consent

Learn How to Teach Consent

  • A step-by-step process for learning how to effectively teach consent 
  • Session handouts to help you implement teaching ideas into your classroom
  • Free lesson plan on teaching about alcohol and consent 

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Health is the most important class a student will ever take.

And you're the most important teacher they'll ever have.

I know you're on a mission to change students' lives with meaningful health education and that's no easy task. Students are facing greater and greater health challenges. And you're being asked to do more with less time and limited resources. 

I'm in awe of your commitment to student well-being and are here to serve you. My mission is to share the easiest-to-teach, most impactful health lesson plans on the Internet. Because I think your time and energy is better spent on teaching and connecting, not on planning and prep.