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(Personal License) Project School Wellness Curriculum - Middle School

Immerse your middle school students in a transformative health and wellness journey with our comprehensive, skills-based health curriculum. Designed as a fully prepared, done-for-you program, this middle school health and wellness curriculum focuses on cultivating core health skills that seamlessly integrate into students' daily lives. Throughout this health course year, students will engage in relevant learning experiences, developing critical functional knowledge and building essential competencies to navigate their well-being and embrace healthier lifestyles.


  • Students will learn how to evaluate and assess individual well-being.

  • Students will develop health skills to strengthen and sustain each element of their well-being.
  • Students will learn how to actively create a life that empowers students to thrive.

With all the planning taken care of, this curriculum saves you valuable time and energy, requiring minimal prep. Ready for both in-person and digital teaching, it utilizes Google App products to enhance the learning experience. Empower your students with the tools they need to make informed decisions, communicate effectively, set goals, manage stress, advocate for themselves and others, and thrive in the real world.

Watch as this curriculum positively transforms their lives, empowering them to lead healthier and more fulfilling futures.

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✅ Students Will

  • Analyze Influences: Students will learn to critically assess the various factors that influence their health choices, enabling them to make sound decisions amidst external pressures.

  • Access Information and Resources: In today's information-rich world, knowing how to access reliable health information and resources is crucial. Our curriculum teaches students effective research and evaluation skills.

  • Communicate Effectively: Effective communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships and resolving conflicts. This curriculum emphasizes the development of strong communication skills.

  • Make Healthy Decisions: Through engaging activities and real-world scenarios, students will refine their decision-making skills (using the DECIDE model), enabling them to make thoughtful choices for their well-being.

  • Goal Setting: Setting achievable health goals is essential for personal growth. This curriculum empowers students to set realistic objectives and work towards achieving them.

  • Self-Management and Practice Healthy Habits: Students will learn to manage stress, emotions, and their overall well-being, fostering a sense of resilience and balance in their lives.

  • Advocate (for self and others): Equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions, students will also learn how to advocate for their health and the health of others.

✅ This Skills-Based Health Curriculum is Divided Into Three Levels with 10 Modules in Each Level:

*Comes with 135+ lesson*

✅ Here are the Topic-Specific Bundles Included:

✅ Every lesson in this Done-For-You Skills-Based Health Curriculum comes with:

  • A teaching instruction video
  • Detailed Teacher Guide
  • Teaching PowerPoints
  • Grading rubrics for quick and meaningful assessments
  • Summative assessments at the end of each module and a major project at the end of the level. - Come as PDFs and Google Apps
  • Digital or Print Student Worksheets
  • An answer key with teaching examples for every lesson. 
  • Many of our best-selling items are included - - Inside & Out Emotional & Mental Health worksheets, Nutrition Scavenger Hunt, Physical Health Discovery Stations, Sex Ed, the Ultimate Exit Ticket, and more!
  • Free updates for life! Yes, with this one-time purchase you have access to any updates or add ons to this curriculum (the price will rise as new lessons are added). 

✅ National Health Education Standards Met 

✅ How to Use This Curriculum

  • This curriculum was created for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. Depending on your students, lessons can be adapted to accommodate 5th through 9th-grade students.

  • This curriculum can be used in a number of ways.
    • Be an add-on to a physical education course by teaching health two or three days a month
    • Used as the sole curriculum for a middle school health course
    • Serve as Advisory or Homeroom curriculum
    • Used by school counselors as part of a comprehensive school counseling program
    • Or any other way you like to adapt it!


✅ This is a digital download that can be printed or shared electronically with students.

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✨Why Teachers Love Project School Wellness


PSW has been a game-changer for me. It is interactive, informational, teacher friendly, student friendly and has saved me a ton of time over the past few years since introducing it in my health classroom. Thank you so much for creating such a valuable and useful tool for middle and high school health teachers!!!!!!!

- Elizabeth S.



WORTH EVERY PENNY! You truly have a gift at writing curriculum Janelle. I have been teaching for 20+ years and finally feel like I have the best curriculum out there that is not dependent on some cumbersome textbook and busy work assignments.

- Erica A.



I have been using PSW, since 9-20 and I LOVE IT. I have yet to have the same schedule or timing to teach health (quarters, semester, weekly, daily shared elective time) The deliberate built-in flexibility of the curriculum allows me to adjust the pacing and content for the amount of time I’m given. Brilliant design, current standards, and highly engaging content. Thank you!!

- Jenny B.



Saves me time and energy so I can use my resources to have a direct impact on students by saving a lot of time during the planning stage.

- Natalie H.



I am a second-year health teacher and your program has assured me that I have covered the standards and helped spark some of my own creativity in lesson planning. Health is a unique topic and is taught so much differently than it was when I was going to school. Your program gave me the skills-based approach that I was looking for in a health curriculum.

- Lindsey F.


✨ Project School Wellness

Project School Wellness is one of the leading providers of comprehensive, skills-based health education resources, transformative professional development, and collaborative consulting services.

We specialize in designing authentic and empowering learning experiences for students. While our human-centered design approach to professional development and consultation empowers teachers and schools to intentionally promote impactful health education initiatives.

Project School Wellness by the Numbers...

  • 50,000+ teachers utilize Project School Wellness resources
  • Over 800 schools/districts teach the Project School Wellness Health Curriculum
  • Millions of students enhance their health literacy with Project School Wellness resources
  • 30,000+ teachers subscribe to the Project School Wellness newsletter


✨ What Makes Comprehensive, Skills-Based Health Different?

Health and Wellness Education

Traditional health education focuses solely on the body and physical health, employing rigid rules and lacking authenticity in its relation to students' lives. In contrast, comprehensive health and wellness education is founded upon the understanding that a person's overall well-being is influenced by multiple, interconnected dimensions of well-being. This approach is holistic and authentic, genuinely centering on the health issues students experience.

Dimensions taught may include cultural, emotional, environmental financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, sexual, social, and spiritual health.


Skills-Based Health Education

In contrast to content-based health education, a skills-based approach prioritizes the development of foundational health skills alongside essential functional knowledge. The focus is on enhancing students' ability to think critically and confidently practice the health skills in real life. It is an actionable and dynamic framework, empowering educators to create authentic and impactful learning experiences that cater to student's specific health needs.

The Core Health Skills:

  • Access resources to promote health and well-being
  • Advocate for your well-being and the well-being of others
  • Analyze influences
  • Apply functional knowledge
  • Make enriching decisions
  • Manage personal well-being
  • Set and work toward goals
  • Utilize interpersonal communication skills

These health skills provide a consistent framework throughout students' lives, adapting to the changing health issues they encounter. Ultimately, a skills-based approach serves as a blueprint for a cohesive health and wellness education initiative across grade levels.

Learn more here.


✨ Let's be Health Teacher BFFs!


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